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If you have ever visited a Health Show or Exhibition, you may have seen stands where very vibrant, almost other worldly coloured Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles were displayed.   Many of them containing two colours and all of them having a visible line across them.   When the bottles are shaken they present a third colour and then gradually separate back into the two sections once more.   This is because one half contains the essence or water of flowers and the other oil and we know they don't mix.   

There are currrently 117 different bottles to choose from, each with the ability to help with spiritual, emotional, mental and physical problems.   They are for external use only.

The therapists doing consultations at exhibitions normally ask the public to choose four bottles and then they proceed to tell them what they believe they mean.   Whilst that may be a great way forward, I didn't feel comfortable about putting, what I perceived to be, a meaning to my clients choices.   I prefer their body to make a choice as to what it most urgently needs, by muscle testing, if I think it would be beneficial.