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Food and Drink Intolerance and Environmental Sensitivities

You will most likely know if you have a food, drink or environmental allergy as they cause almost immediate reactions of one sort or another.   Food and drink intolerances normally occur a few hours later, often presenting as bloating, headaches, skin problems, tiredness, various aches and pains.   Environmental problems are often those that are unseen but nevertheless can impact on our health.   Sensitivites vary from person to person.   

I have been using kinesiology to test for food intolerances for many years now.   I have never felt comfortable when people totally avoid the foods shown to disagree with them as this lessens the variety of foods they can eat, often leading to a very restricted diet and nutritional deficiencies.   It can also create a greater reaction to those foods if accidentally eaten.   It also means that in avoiding those foods they can become deficient in some vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids – all essential for a healthy diet and body.   Additionally their social life often becomes more difficult as going out to eat on any social occasion causes problems, not just for them but their hosts.  I have, therefore, in the past tried to encourage everyone affected to desensitise with homeopathic remedies.  This normally allows the eating of the relevant food or drink three or four times a week afterwards.  There are other procedures, like using Emotional Freedom Technique, that can help too with those that do not respond to homoeopathy.   The homoeopathic remedies I use are those produced by Ffynnonwen Remedies, in Wales, for members of the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapists.  

Food and drink testing may also be done to see what may be beneficial to the body.   If a muscle is always weak, for example a quadriceps muscle related to the large intestine, this may be strengthened with vitamin B rich foods or a supplement. 


Environmental, Geopathic and Underground Water Stress


In today's world we are all being bombarded daily with the energies our bodies were not designed to cope with but are almost impossibe to avoid.   The effects of all this on the human body can produce various symptoms that can be difficult to pin down but, with kinesiology, it makes this much easier to identify.  Whilst everyone seems to be using mobile 'phones, laptops, computers, ipads and many other electrical gadgets, it doesn't mean that they are safe for everyone to use.   Some people are much more sensitive to them than others.   Trying to sleep, for instance, in a bedroom full of electrical items will often give people sleep problems.    Mobile 'phones and their masts, electric pylons, the natural geopathic stress from the earth, Underground (Tube) lines, underground streams and water pipes can all affect humans and animals.   There are many simple things that may help here but avoidance, as far as possible, is always the best.


Then, of course, there is the use of pesticides, chemicals, aerosols, petrol and diesel fumes, cleaning products, air pollution, cosmetics and so the list goes on, all having a possible detrimental affect on some of us.


Some people have a problem with the more natural kind:   hayfever, pollens, moulds, house dust, house mites, dogs and cat fur and dander, horses and other animals.   Feathers, often used in duvets, pillows and puffa jackets can also prove to be a problem to some people and I have had cases where kapok and leather finishes have caused sensitivities.